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All-Terrain Stage Leg Top Fixture for Stages of Differing Heights (Replacement Part) stage legs, steps
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Replacement part. This part is included as part of the ATHEIGHT1 and ATHEIGHT2 assemblies All-Terrain Stage Leg Top Fixture for Stages of Differing Heights allows connection between adjacent All-Terrain stage platforms of varying heights. Made of the same tubular aluminum as the All-Terrain leg assemblies, and come pre-marked for setup with side panels and guard rails. In order to configure the joining of the platforms, simply replace the current leg top fixture with this specialized piece. ...

All-Terrain Stage Leg Top Fixture for Guard Rail Installation (Replacement Part) guard rails
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Replacement part. This part included as part of the original leg assembly (ATLAED)The IntelliStage ATLTGR is a stage leg top fixture for guard rail installation. Guard rails attach to the higher set of tubular fixtures (marked in red on product) on each leg top fixture. Sold individually.

All-Terrain Corner Guard Rail Adaptor (Single) guardrails, parts
Item #: ATSGR -
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These simple locking mechanisms are required whenever two 4' Guard Rail pieces meet at a corner on your All Terrain stage. As an example, if you install Guard Rails on 3 sides or your stage (left side, right side, back) you will need to install 2 Guard Rail Corner Adaptors - one at each back corner.

All-Terrain Stage Leveling Tool for 4x4 Stages leveling bar, stage level
Item #: AT4SAT -
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A simple tool that helps level and square your stage during setup! The All-Terrain Stage Leveling Tool is an optional accessory for assembling an All-Terrain Stage system. Designed to ensure that the finished stage surface is level, this tool attaches to the stage legs during assembly and features a bubble level that indicates which legs need to go up or down. In addition, the length of the tool guides you in spacing the distance between the individual legs. ...

All-Terrain Base Spike Adaptors for Outdoor Use (16-pack)
Item #: ATLBAT16 -
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All Terrain Base Spikes help secure your stage and prevent the legs from moving or sinking when installed on loose, wet, muddy or inclined surfaces. They attach to the hole at each corner of the leg base and are secured using two 17mm wrenches. It is recommend to use four spikes per leg, but applications may vary depending on terrain conditions. Leg Base and leg assembly not included.

All-Terrain Rubber Non-Slip Mats for Indoor Use (4-pack) nonslip
Item #: ATLBRM4 -
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Protect the floor and prevent slipping on slick indoor surfaces! All-Terrain ubber Non-Slip Mats for Indoor Use are intended to protect wood, gym or carpeted floors. The Rubber Non-Slip Mats also add traction and ensure that the stage will not move during use on slick surfaces such as a gymnasium floor. The mats simply slide between the flooring surface and the All-Terrain Leg Base during assembly. All-Terrain Rubber Non-Slip Mats can also be used outdoors on concrete or asphalt surfaces but...

All-Terrain Adjustable Wedges for Stage Leg Installation on Slopes (2-pack) uneven ground, sloped, tilted
Item #: ATLBWD -
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Adjustable Wedges for Stage Legs are required when your stage needs to be set up on a sloped ground surface. The wedges attach directly to the All Terrain Leg Base and are adjustable to almost any degree of slope. The wedge assembly includes a removable single All Terrain spike should your stage be setup on loose or soft ground and needs more grip to remain secured. It is recommended to use three All Terrain Spikes per Leg Base on soft ground. Additional All Terrain Spikes are sold separately....

All-Terrain Hook and Loop Covered Clips for Skirts (8-pack) skirting, velcro skirt clips
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All-Terrain skirts easily attach to the Stage using these skirt clips which secure to the edge of the All Terrain Side Panel.